Bedok North Blk 85 – My Hawker Haunt

30 09 2010

Hawker food in Singapore never fails to delight me. Prissy gourmets may scorn at the thought of dining at such “low class” and humble settings but I for one am truly appreciative of their existence. There are few countries apart from from Singapore that can boast about being able to offer so many different cuisines under one roof at such affordable prices.

One of Singapore’s famous supper places may be seen in Bedok North Block 85 which operates till 2am – 3am each day. Having ended my mid-terms today was akin lifting a heavy burden off my shoulders, now I could focus on things that truly mattered. So, I did a 10km run (super proud of myself!) which I had been procrastinating to do for so very long and organized supper between S, MZ and myself (where the running comes to nought).

No matter which Bak Chor Mee(BCM) stall you patronise within the premises of Blk 85, they share a similar style which is slightly different from the Singapore norm. Instead of fried Wantons, Liver and Slice Pork, Blk 85’s signature BCK is the soupy version with lots of meatballs and minced pork(with a high pork fat:pork meat ratio). Of course, the dry version is available but your order will definitely be sticking out like a sore thumb.

2nd item on the agenda was the BBQ Chicken Wings. I think there are 2 or 3 chicken wing stalls so I can’t remember the name of the one I usually order from (I only know they charge $1.10/wing) but it’s one of my favourite BBQ Chicken Wing Stalls in Singapore, trumping all the BBQ chicken wing stalls from East Coast Park’s food centre. The wings aren’t just crisp, there’s a light smokey flavour as well which I have taken a fancy to.

Another finalist in my self-promulgated list of top food pickings, this time in the congee category. I think the stall is named Chai Chee Congee (or Porridge). I did the usual order of Pork Congee (add Egg). I love the congee here because it’s really smooth and the pork (both the sliced pork and meatballs) is really tender. The egg is also necessary for that addition “oomph”.

Another of my favourite congee stalls (whose name I can’t recall) is also located around the vicinity at Bedok Central’s Food Centre (the hawker centre nearest to Bedok Interchange). They serve an excellent whole piece of piping hot You Tiao with their Congee.

There are quite a few stalls here selling Carrot Cake and Orh Lua (Oyster Omelette), all of which I don’t find that fantastic, merely passable in the annals of hawker rankings. My favourite Carrot Cake stall still has to be Golden City Carrot Cake in Kopitalk at the junction between Changi Road and Telok Kurau Road while my recommendations for Oyster Omelette (Hokkien Style) would be Beng Thin Hook Kee Restaurant on 65 Chulia Street, #05-02 OCBC Centre.

After spamming so much oleaginous health hazards, what better way than to wash it all down with a freshly squeezed cup of Sugarcane with Lemon Juice.

In face of work or study stress, a scrumptious supper that isn’t too harsh on the wallet simply does wonders!

Bon Appetit!

Strictly Pancakes – All Day Pancake Cafe

24 09 2010

I really wanted to be there to support it’s opening day on 19th September where owners Joanne and Eunice decided on their pay-as-you-wish opening day promotion for Strictly Pancakes. Alas work caught up with me again, so I had to settle heading over a few days later than initially planned.

The crowd hasn’t seemed to have diminished one bit since it’s opening day. Indeed, the concept of an all day brunch cafe isn’t new to Singapore with the likes of Wild Honey, as well as Prive and Cafe Hacienda with brunch menus extending till 5pm. But an all day specialist Pancake cafes? This is definitely a first! Pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper (Strictly Pancakes opens till 1am on Fri/Sat, and 11pm on other days), that’s the concept behind Strictly Pancakes.

This is probably the few times I’m uploading pictures with actual people on it. Yep, I brought some friends over to Strictly Pancakes, not purely for the extrinsic reason of introducing them to a new eatery, but also because of intrinsic self interest so that I could get to try a larger variety of pancakes!

Strictly Pancakes occupies 3 floors, the first and second for dining purposes and the third functioning as a small office for their paperwork I presume. To accommodate my large group, we sat at the second level whose setting reminded me a lot of The Coffee Nations @ Bali Lane.

My favourite Milkshake is probably the one at Billy Bombers (ironically it’s also the only thing I find worth ordering there) but the Chocolate-Peanut Butter Milkshake($5) found here cuts it really close. My friend Jing Cong found this much better than the milkshakes @ Once Upon A Milkshake but since I haven’t visited the latter (but I’m so going to very soon), I shall refrain from making any further comment that might draw flak.

If you feel a bit uneasy and guilty loading up on all that maple syrup, butter and high carbo pancakes, take comfort in the fact that maple syrup is actually healthy! Or so says the staff of Strictly Pancakes haha.

Apart from the regular stacks, savoury and sweet pancakes are also available, with savoury pancakes coming with a side of Butter(choice of salted, unsalted, garlic & herb, rum & raisin) and Maple Syrup.

My favourite item here is the Savoury Garlic Butter Prawns($12). It’s description reads “Medium Stack served with Prawns buttered generously with garlic and Cherry Tomato Salad on the side for an aromatic, mouth-watering treat”. The prawns are really fresh and and crunchy, with a flavourful garlic butter sauce. My friends were commenting on how the use of such tasty prawns would have contributed in the creation of a delectable Prawn Aglio Olio.

Another crowd favourite, the Chicken A La King($11). Think of it as Chicken Chop with Cream Sauce with Pancakes. I found the chicken to be a little on the salty side when eaten on it’s own but just nice when eaten together with the pancakes. Not sure if Strictly Pancakes read Vanilla & Breakfast’s post where she ranted about the small chicken serving size and 1 lonely looking piece of asparagus but my Chicken A La King didn’t have such problems. I really loved the cream sauce with onions too!

I wouldn’t have thought pancakes would have gone so well with Smoked Salmon before having a taste of the Salmon Run($12). The side of sour cream with dill ensured that things didn’t get out of hand to an overly salty level.

They call this the Druggie($11) because it’s so addictive. Who can ever dislike a “Chocolate Pancake served with Chocolate Ice Cream sprinkled with Chocolate Flakes and sliced Strawberries topped off with Strictly Pancakes’s own Homemade Chocolate Sauce”. Definitely a chocoholic’s fantasy!

My love for Butterscotch drove me to order the Bananas-Scotched($11). Should have read the description more carefully though, there isn’t a trace of butterscotch, just Caramelized Bananas, a dash of Rum and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream (with visible vanilla beans). Great for Dessert!

Joanne and Eunice are in the best position to recognize the needs of students being students themselves, so don’t be surprised to see a 10% discount off the final bill! Awesome, finally a perk of being in school!

Love Pancakes Remember! I will.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6333 4202

Forlino – POSB/DBS 1-For-1 Gourmet Set Menu

18 09 2010

Though the Chinese saying goes 福无双至, 祸不单行, I don’t totally subscribe to that belief. After all, good things do come in pairs occasionally and one classic example would be Forlino’s 1-for-1 DBS/POSB Promotion for their Gourmet($98++) and Degustation($148++) Set Menus.

I feel so spoilt. Dining at One Fullerton without any special occasion on a school night with next week’s mid term tests looming ever so closer is definitely the life! Just idly gazing at the Marina Bay skyline, Singapore Flyer and Singapore F1 Circuit, a 2.5 hour dinner whisked by unknowingly.

Ever since Chef Osvaldo Forlino left Forlino last year, inevitably there has been some speculation about declining standards at Forlino. However, based on it’s recent list of dining awards, it seems that Forlino’s pace and contributions to the local dining scene hasn’t slowed down one bit.

For a fine dining restaurant, I found Forlino’s service to be less intrusive (and correspondingly less attentive) to the other fine dining restaurants I have been to recently, which suits me just fine since the ambience of such restaurants often tends to be too eerily silent and stifling.

Amuse Bouche for today was the Beetroot Flan with some cheese I can’t recall. This eggy and slightly cheesy beetroot custard wasn’t something I particularly fancied.

The complimentary warm bread served here was slightly thicker and chewier than the norm, lightly glazed and salted. Not something to waste too much stomach space on with the impending feast.

For Starters, the Pan Seared Goose Liver with Amaretto and Pumpkin Cream. Amaretto is an Italian sweet Almond-flavoured Liqueur and is apparently able to bring out the flavour of the fatty Foie Gras but I wasn’t able to detect much of it over the pumpkin cream. The Foie Gras wasn’t very memorable but generally tasty nonetheless.

The Pasta Course comprised of the Homemade Spaghetti with Black Cod, Baby Artichokes and Mint. I’m wasn’t really accustomed to Mint based pastas but it grew on me as I was nearing the end of the dish. The homemade spaghetti was somewhat firmer that what I’m used to, whose texture resembled that of the Chinese Ee Mee(Ee Mian). I would have enjoyed it better if they could be a little bit more generous with the cod or maybe changed the cod to scallops instead.

Main was a choice of either Wagyu Beef Cheek Braised with Marsala Wine and Herb Mashed Potatoes or Halibut Fillet with Orange, Green Asparagus & Martini Vermouth Sauce. C and myself both opted for the Wagyu. Needless to say, the beef was really tender and marbled, with the mash velvety and flavourful. I did find the gravy slightly on the salty side though.

In my previous post on Raw Kitchen Bar, I mentioned that Chocolate Lava cakes are so common nowadays and it’s terribly difficult to pinpoint one that is really outstanding. Well, my prayers have been answered with Forlino’s reply of the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Banana Gelato and Rum Sauce. This was the best Chocolate Lava Cake I have ever eaten! What is so appealing is the nice contrast between the crisp outer layer and the moist molten inner one, unlike some lava cakes which are moist throughout. The consistency, richness, volume and denseness of the chocolate lava was perfect, and paired well with Banana Ice Cream and Crumble.

Petit Fours & Coffee to end off what I felt to be an awesome meal.

In case you are thinking of popping by, The DBS/POSB 1-for-1 Promo for Forlino’s Gourmet & Degustation Set Menus ends on 31 October 2010.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6877 6995

1 Caramel – The 4th Visit

17 09 2010

Are Women really from Venus and Men from Mars? Evidently, our diets do differ on the most fundamental of levels. Most men enjoy cheap food that is massive in quantity, messy(think full rack ribs with much gravy) and not necessarily all that palatable as long as it fills the tummy. Women enjoy their food petite, aesthetically pleasing with a focus on taste and presentation. Men thrive on mains while women on starters and desserts. At least that’s my take…

In an attempt to attain the status of a New Age Man, the male equivalent to the Tai Tai, my resolution in the fine art of dessert appreciation had advertently led me to 1 Caramel, a place known for it’s chic setting and overpriced albeit laudable desserts.

-An excerpt from my previous post on 1 Caramel

Ever since I have gotten to know the existence of 1 Caramel, I have been endeavoring to slowly but surely make my way through it’s lengthy cake menu. Today marked my 4th visit to 1 Caramel and I’m still only halfway there. Yet, each new visit has filled me with new insights, intrigue and wonder, never ceasing to brighten up my day.

There are some things that are worth ordering over again and again simply because it’s just too awesome. In this case, it’s the highly raved about Strawberry Shortcake($8.90++). The Strawberry cream and cake batter is especially light. This is one cake you will never get tired of.

I would have preferred the Chocolate Berry Lust($8.90++) to be without the Berries. I know it’s presence was to cleanse the palate and not allow the chocolate to become threateningly cloying but it’s acidic sharp sour tones was a bit too much that I had to set the berries aside.

Another chocolate based cake, this time in the form of the Chocolate Slut($8.90++). “Multiple layers of chocolate flourless sponge, caramel peanut butter mousse, marshmallow chunks, crispy struesel dough and glazed with dark rich coating”. Need I say more? It wasn’t as cloying as I expected it to be though, the chocolate was a bit too runny for me and I wished for a denser consistency of rich peanut butter.

The Tea-ramisu($7.90++) here was pretty decent too. Instead of Espresso or Rum, it seems that the Finger Sponge was soaked in Tea instead, giving rise to a unique tiramisu taste that I couldn’t easily place my finger on.

1 Caramel does customization of cakes too! Some of the designs are really out of this world and very lifelike, ranging from Chanel Bags, iPhones etc. I highly recommend checking out their facebook photos page, it’s a serious eye opener. There was a wedding cake being displayed there today and I think this modern take is an improvement from the traditional wedding cake.

Ideal for knocking back a cuppa while nibbling on a slice of heaven, 1 Caramel is a must visit for dessert enthusiasts, especially those who have a thing for inspiring French Cakes with a Japanese twist.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6338 3282

Raw Kitchen Bar – Rawr! I’m Definitely Coming Back!

15 09 2010

You know the warm feeling you get during a dinner invitation at a friend’s place? I get this same homely feeling at Raw Kitchen Bar (RKB). Occupying the former Bukit Timah Firestation, RKB isn’t exactly very visible from the main road which I feel adds to it’s exclusiveness and charm.

The use of random eccentricities and paraphernalia includes artwork, piano and an “obiang” looking sofa furnishes the interior of RKB and makes it really unique. I haven’t really come across anything like it in Singapore, but it kind of reminds me of Little Part One Cafe, just 10 times quirkier.

It looks to me that the sitting capacity (both indoors and al fresco) is kept to a low number of around 25-30 pax at most, probably because the team of Sharon, Javier and probably one cook in the kitchen is only able to handle this much without compromising on service and food standards. Here it seems that profitability comes secondary to the provision of sincere and flavourful food, with the spaciousness of the premises adding to the feel that you are really at a friend’s place for a dinner party.

It’s the perfect matrimony of East and West, RKB’s menu boasts a selection of carefully crafted dishes that draw influences from Japanese, Italian, French and god knows what other cuisines, taking only the essence of each cuisine while leaving behind the dregs (a direct translation of “取其精华,去其糟粕”).

I have never truly been impressed by Tuna (Maguro) before. Most often I find it to be too lean and not as fatty as compared to other types of fish. Yet I was truly taken by the Ahi Mango Poke with Wanton Chips ($16). The fresh Tuna cubes infused the marinate well and there was a perfect pairing of sweet and savoury of the Mango cubes and Fried Wanton Chips. There’s something real special about the Wanton Chips too, it tastes radically different (in a good yet inexplicable way) from the norm, with the addition of some secret spices I suppose.

The Zucchini Pancake with Balsamic Goat Cheese & Iberico($14) is another dish worth ordering to share. Was this idea taken from the Japanese Okonomiyaki (Pancake)? The Goat Cheese is kept sandwiched between the 2 Zucchini Pancakes, with the intention probably to keep the cheese warm for an easier and softer cheese spread. The Iberico goes into the middle of the 2 pancakes like a typical handburger and the pancakes are cut into smaller pieces for easier sharing. What is Iberico you ask? It’s a cured ham, something like Parma Ham but coming from the Spanish Black Pig, sounds pretty much like a Spanish Kurobuta ham doesn’t it?

All Pasta & Noodles dishes here are sold at $19, including the Spaghetti Mentaiko. It’s nice and light-hearted but not as awesome as our previous 2 Starters. The last Spaghetti Mentaiko I ate was at TCC during their Buy 1, Get 2 Free Promotion and compared to TCC’s, RKB’s version isn’t as thick or creamy.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the BBQ Pork Ribs ($20) that blew us away but its side of Crisp Cheesy Parmesan Roasted Potatoes! It’s soooo good, I’m amazed I haven’t seen any such Potatoes being sold at other restaurants before. I shall stop harping about the potatoes now because the Ribs do deserve credit. I prefer the ones here to Tony Roma’s & Chili’s, restaurants supposedly specializing in Ribs, probably because I prefer my ribs soft and fall off the bone tender rather than the slightly chewier and charred ones served at the latter mentioned restaurants.

The thin crusted Basil, Mozzarella & Rosemary Pizza($19) here is one of the best pizzas I have ever had in my life. It’s beauty lies in it’s simplistic nature, with an emphasis on the full flavoured Basil and Rosemary.

What I find most affordable here is the Desserts!

One of the Day’s Specials, the Guinness Chocolate Cake($8). The chocolate isn’t too dense or overwhelming and the gentle bitter hint of Guinness keeps the sweetness factor from getting too out of control. If I’m not wrong, the white portions of the cake is creme cheese. Despite not being on the menu, this was actually my favourite Dessert for tonight!

The Rum + Brown Sugar Plaintains with Vanilla Ice Cream($6). I know they look and taste like Bananas but Plantains are slightly different as they are firmer (and thus is often cooked before eating) and have a lower sugar content.

The Classic Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream($6). It’s such a ubiquitous dessert that it’s hard to find a really outstanding one nowadays. This one was just above average.

One of RKB’s signature desserts, the Fried Cheesecake with Strawberry Marmalade($6). I have only heard of Fried Snickers & Mars Bars but Fried Cheesecake? It’s novel but I would have preferred a classic cheesecake to this battered one. It was G’s birthday so we got him a candle. Don’t you think it actually looks nicer this way? Maybe in the future, RKB will just put the candle as a default decoration.

One of my most memorable meals ever, it’s not going to be a case of whether I’m coming back but rather a question of when? This one’s definitely a keeper.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6467 3987

Chin Chin Eating House – A Disappointing Restaurant Reroute

13 09 2010

It was supposed to be a Sunday free from burden and worldly concerns, it’s the Sabbath day after all! But alas it was not meant to be with an ensuing disappointment after disappointment…from cancelled potential holidays to cancelled potential dinner plans. I really have got to stop being so excitable and getting hyped up over unconfirmed plans…

Today’s the first day I managed to avoid going to school in my first 28 consecutive days of university life, and that’s inclusive of Saturdays and Sundays. I finally felt that I needed time for myself with myself, time to just sleep in till 1pm (which I did) and loaf around in bed till dinner time doing whatever the hell I wanted (which I also did). I was planned to meet J, Z and M for dinner afterwards, mainly because J was flying off to Manchester really soon to pursue his undergrad studies. Anyway, he wanted to eat Chinese/Asian food, so being the foodie I took it upon myself to find a place suitable and decided upon Restaurant Ten @ Purvis Street, formerly known as Metropole Herbal Restaurant @ Clarke Quay.

Purvis Street is a reasonably long walk from City Hall Mrt mind you, so I was pretty pissed, and utterly disappointed (especially after reading all the reviews about Restaurant Ten) when Z adamantly refused to dine at Restaurant Ten. I’m sure M shared my disappointment too but that said, I guess I should stop being an immature petty food nazi. Purvis Street despite being just a small stretch of road, actually hosts 4 restuarants on my to-go-list, Gunter’s, Garibaldi, Yhingthai Palace & Restaurant Ten so when the suggestion was to eat at Chin Chin, a non air-conditioned kopitiam in the same stretch instead, I grudgingly trudged along with a heavy heart. Am I being a melodramatic food snob? To some extent, very likely…but come on, Restaurant Ten vs a random zi char stall?

Only 2 dishes we ordered from Chin Chin could be considered worth ordering again. One was the Sliced Fish with Spring Onion. The fish was fresh and the gravy not overly thick or salty.

The second dish I felt was above the average zi char stall standard was the Hainanese Pork Chop. While most zi char stalls offer similar pork chops soggy and hard, the one here didn’t suffer the same fate.

Stir Fried Baby Kai Lan. Not bad but I would have preferred it with more garlic.

The Cereal Prawn was listed as a chef’s recommendation on the menu but it really wasn’t spectacular, it wasn’t even average in my view. The cereal was soggy with a lack of flavour and the prawns lost it’s crispness fast.

J said the Fried Rice here was good during his last visit here, but today’s Beef & Seafood Fried Rice was a totally different story. They were both really bland and without the “wok hei”, to the point where I even considered whether the cook forgot to put in salt or MSG. It’s the worst 2 plates Fried Rice I have eaten but luckily we had side dishes, so we managed to use the Fried Rice as a substitute for White Rice, albeit an oiler version.

I probably wouldn’t return with the superfluous dining options around the vicinity. Then again, we didn’t get to try the Chicken Rice which Chin Chin is supposedly famous for so my judgments might be premature judgment.

Bon Appetit!

PS: We should have just gone Restaurant Ten



TEL: +65 6337 4640

Saint Pierre – Munching on their Luncheon

10 09 2010

I love it whenever CW returns from UK, it signals the advent of another fine dining experience. We paid a visit to The French Kitchen the last time she was back in March, so it was only apt that a visit to sister restaurant Saint Pierre was in the works.

Helmed by Chef Emmanuel Stroobant (Chef of the Year 2002 & 2006), my lunch expectations were running at an all time high. After all, he has been the driving force that has led Saint Pierre to strike gold in several dining awards, the latest being Restaurant of the Year 2007. In addition, Saint Pierre’s inception into Relais & Châteaux(a collection of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants) in 2008 has further entrenched it’s position as a leading entity in French Cuisine.

Saint Pierre proved to be a chichi respite from the hustle of everyday school life. I arrived about half an hour before CW but I really wouldn’t have minded just loafing there the whole day since there’s free wireless available and the ambience is peaceful enough for me to go about my own business. There’s a sitting capacity of 60 for the entire restaurant and I felt that there was more than adequate space between tables to facilitate a private tete-a-tete.

There are 3 options for Set Lunch here. $28++ gets you a Main + Dessert, $38++ gets you a Starter + Main + Coffee/Tea, while $48++ gets you a Starter + Main + Dessert + Coffee/Tea.

The complimentary Bread was served warm but I felt it was a tad too dry and tough. At least there was a choice of 2 different butters! Can’t remember what the staff said they were, just that one was salted and the other wasn’t.

Our first complimentary Amuse Bouche was the Watermelon Carpaccio with Seaweed Caviar & some nut I can’t remember. An interesting pairing of sweet and savoury, CW and myself thought that this was a stroke of genius. Like how Sushi chefs skillfully cut sashimi into smooth regular strips, I must commend the skill required to cut the delicate watermelon flesh into razor thin strips. This was my first time eating Seaweed Caviar and though it tastes and “pops” exactly like caviar, I’m amazed to find out that it’s actually made from Seaweed, Cod Liver Oil & Organic Sea Salt.

Our second complimentary Amuse Bouche was the Squid Ink Cracker. While I commend it’s novelty, it tasted somewhat like a chao tar(burnt) bread.

CW & I both opted for the Classic Foie Gras(Additional $8) for Starter. After all, what’s a French Fine Dining meal without Foie Gras right? Pan-fried with a side of Caramelized Green Apples & Old Port Sauce, the Foie Gras was executed decently well and it goes well with the accompanying sauce. I enjoyed it tremendously but CW who has a more refined palate having dined at a number of Michelin Star Restaurants around the world wasn’t quite as taken by it.

For Main, I had the White Miso Cod, which is a popular choice among patrons. The description reads “White Miso Marinated Black Cod with Celeriac Puree, Fresh English Peas & Japanese Eggplant Emulsion” and it was nicely done with the White Miso infusing and complementing the Cod well. Not the most exciting of dishes but it’s a safe bet.

CW had the Wild Mushroom Risotto for Main. She didn’t think much of it either but I thought it was lovely. After all it’s a vegetarian main! What more can you expect? Yes I admit I’m a foodist (the food version of sexist), and I stereotype vegetables as being icky haha. Anyway, I loved it perhaps because I’m a fervent mushroom lover and the truffle shavings were pretty generous indeed. I think Singapore lacks good Risottos and that’s why my standards for them might be a bit low.

A pungent smell of stale socks wafted by and I couldn’t help but check if I had stepped on dog poo. Not exactly the best description for a cart of cheeses which we were entitled to sample, but we declined the offer. Singapore doesn’t really have a strong cheese culture anyway, probably because of our high humidity and temperature which makes it more difficult to store cheese properly.

For Dessert, both CW & I had Grandma Stroobant’s Flourless Belgian Chocoate Cake with Dark Chocolate Mousse, Praline Ice Cream and Toasted Almonds. We found the cake too dense and cloying but eating it with the ice creamed helped. The Praline Ice Cream was probably the only highlight of this dessert.

Just when we were prepared to call it a day, a complimentary platter of Petit Fours was served, consisting of chocolate truffle, some kueh tasting cake & lemon fudge (all names given by me because I couldn’t remember what the staff said it was).

An epicurean experience? Hardly. The food definitely wasn’t bad and I enjoyed myself, but we felt that the food lacked the finesse (at least taste-wise) expected of a top restaurant.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6438 0887

The Soup Spoon – A Pictorial

9 09 2010

Simon and Garfunkel Chicken and Mushroom Ragout

Chicken Tikka (Wrap)

Smoked Salmon Sandwich



TEL: +65 6334 3220

Olio Cafe – Ideal for Quickies

9 09 2010

Over the past week, I have been busy preparing for a presentation to gain entry into one of SMU’s supposedly elite CCAs and now that it’s finally over, I wanted to celebrate the end of this crazy week with a nice dinner. Olio Cafe wasn’t the place I had in mind to give myself a treat, but I guessed it had to do since I was in a rush for time for Fried Rice Paradise the Musical @ The Esplanade (all thanks to complimentary tickets from T).

One of the 2 cafes (the other being Dome Cafe) operated by Suntec F&B Holdings, I wasn’t particularly expectant of good food since my last meal at Dome wasn’t exactly memorable.

The Braised Cod Fish($15.90) came with a Japanese twist, served with cabbage mushroom roll, soba and topped with tobiko (or is it ebiko?). Light on the palate, the portion of cod was generous and most importantly, it sure was tasty!

AD ordered the Moroccan Mixed Lamb Grill($16.90) which consisted of lamb rack, lamb skewers and spicy lamb sausages, served with raisin couscous and topped with cumin sauce. While the variety and portion was impressive, there was a distinct gamey flavour from the lamb rack.

MZ didn’t want to eat too much so she decided to get the Bacon and Portobello Pizza($12.50) to share. Not to sound mean but this thick crust pizza tasted like the frozen supermarket variety though it did come topped with both mozzarella and gorgonzola cheese in an attempt to buff up the taste factor.

Overall, Olio Cafe is a decently priced cafe ideal for a quick bite. I have been hearing some good things about the salads and pastas so I might just drop by again sometime soon.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6336 5859

Daikokuya Ramen Dining- Looks can be Deceiving

8 09 2010

One of the new eateries to open after the basement renovation of Raffles City, Daikokuya has a charm that’s exudes professionalism and class, at least from the outside where I stood perusing the menu.

The menu looked extensive enough, with the choice of Tokyo-styled, Kyushu-styled ramen etc. My attempts to capture the menu on footage was foiled by one of the service staff, whom I assume was scared that I used the menu and it’s info for other purposes like maybe to set up a competing ramen-ya? So yea, I can’t really recall what are styles they serve.

They  have a weird policy because at first they stopped me from taking pics of the menu, but acceded to my request to take pics of the food.

I ordered the Chashu Shouyu Ramen($15.80) which is supposedly one of their signatures. It was pretty much a disaster to me since I set high standards for ramen. The tonkotsu broth came across as starchy instead of rich, like a lot of noodles had been boiled using it and significant amounts of flour had contaminated the broth. The Chashu was also overly chewy despite the significant layer of fat and lastly, the noodles wasn’t Q. Quite a disappointment.

Chashu Shouyu Ramen($15.80)

Chashu Shouyu Ramen($15.80)

I added the Tamago($2) and though it looked good, I found it bland and overcooked.

I shan’t go on to what my friends ordered since it was very forgettable.

Much is lacking before Daikokuya’s overpriced ramen is ready to take on the big leagues, at least that’s the humble view of this foodie.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6336 7456

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