Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want. – Gael Greene

My name is Peter Oh aka drpiggy and I’m in love with food. I decided to start this food blog to chronicle my quest for Singapore’s most savoury, sweet and delectable morsels. Despite being a so-called “food paradise” due to our thriving cultural diversity, I feel that most Singaporeans, myself included, still lack the knowledge regarding the different cuisines found locally. From here on end, this is my learning journey, my path to gastronomic liberty and my vision of an epicurean Singapore.

Tastes vary from person to person. I hope that all of my comments and opinions are taken with a pinch of salt and I have definitely no intention of defaming anyone or any eatery in any way.

Bon Appetit!

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7 04 2010

I like that quote “Great food is like great sex” 🙂

7 04 2010

lol finally decided to check out my blog. true bro…

29 03 2012

haha so peter.. are u trying to say u have had great sex? hahahahah

30 03 2012

i should change the quote 😦

25 07 2010

u are right. ur blog looks really professional. thumbs up!

26 07 2010

thx man! now just need to find more food kakis to go eat!

25 05 2011

Hey there, I found your blog link through your posts on hungrygowhere.com. Very impressed with the attention to detail that you pay to food. Just curious, how did you really get into this whole food critiquing and fine dining thing? I’m really interested and would like to know where/ how to take my interest in food to a higher level 🙂

25 05 2011

oh and one last question. Given that you’re still a student, isn’t this hobby a tad too heavy on the pockets to maintain? thanks!

26 05 2011

Hi there!

I actually only started posting on hungrygowhere a little more than 2 years ago. The impetus for my food writing was actually a chance encounter with one of the founders of hungrygowhere at this now defunct bar called klee. For no apparent reason, he treated my friend and myself to 4 drinks when we were sitting over at one corner of the place minding our own business. I guess that was my way of saying thanks for the drinks.

But after a while of reading other people’s posts on hungrygowhere, I realised that there was still much to learn about the different cuisine types and so decided to start up a food blog to better document my journey. And apart from getting to know more about food, I think some peripheral benefits I gained would be improved writing standards and food photography?

And my advice on controlling the food budget is to splurge only on quality food once or twice a week as a motivation factor and eat cheap hawker centre/food court food for the rest of the meals. In addition, I personally haven’t eaten at chain restaurants such as cafe cartel or sakae sushi for a couple of years now which would cost $10+ to $20 per meal, not when you could get a decent $30+ set lunch at a semi-fine or fine dining restaurant.

Anyway to take your interest in food to a higher level, I would suggest joining a gourmet club if you are in a local university where you will get to meet new friends and get discounts off some restaurant meals organized by these clubs. If you’re in JC/Poly/Secondary School, why not try setting up a gourmet club? And if you are working, I think exploring singapore for good food is a great way to socialize and network with new friends!

Hope this advice helps!

14 02 2012

Hi drpiggy! You have a very fun blog! and the name yumyuminmytumtum made me LOL! hahaha good one! Happy eating!

15 02 2012

glad you like the blog. happy eating to you too!

22 02 2012

Very interesting blog. I live in Singapore since a month and I love to discover those wonderful foodie places. A few personal favorites are already “The Eminent Frog Porridge” and ” Geylang Claypot Rice”, both in Geylang; and Gayatri in Little India.

27 02 2012

Any plans to organise meal outings where like-minded kakis can gather for good grub and good conversation? If you do, please count me in! Absolutely dying to meet some fellow food-lovers.

Btw, great job on the blog. As a peer, I can truly relate to the uni anecdotes and please don’t stop sharing them- I think it’s what makes your blog unique. (:


27 02 2012

thanks for your kind words.

every few months we do have small-scale food blogger meal meetups, just to see what everyone is up to and such. do you have a number i can reach you at?

alternatively i have also made quite a couple of reservations for restaurant week (which is held between 19-26 March 2012) for 4 pax. i could definitely save you a seat or 2 if you are interested 🙂

btw are you still a uni student too?

27 02 2012

Sounds good! I’ve included my email addy in the comment form but if you’d kindly provide yours, I’d be more than happy to email you my number.

I was a uni student, now doing something else… but will be a uni student again next year. Complicated. :p

27 02 2012

Dropped you an email 🙂

14 03 2012

Nice meeting you the other day!

24 04 2012

Hey, what is your email? Would liek to contact you. My email is meng@ravesquare.com

23 05 2012

hi there, just wanted to ask if you ever did a review of any korean restaurants in singapore that you feel is deserving to be mentioned? can’t seem to find any on your food blog. thanks.

23 05 2012

I’m not very into Korean food, hence the lack of reviews in this area but I do have 5 korean restaurants that I had shortlisted from quite a while back. Perhaps you could take a look and see if they are still operating? They are Gaia Korean Restaurant, Nolboo Hangari Galbi, Sarang, Doong Ji, Ju Shin Jung.

Hope it helps 🙂

4 01 2015

Great blog! Thanks for sharing your dining adventures. Longing to see more of your dining adventures this year.

4 01 2015

Thanks. Your recipes and photos look great!

13 05 2015
Michelle Tchea

hi – can i get in touch about your blog?
thanks m.tchea@gmail.com

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